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Technical experience
Analysis, programming, hardware creation, database administration and process automation. Server, desktop, data network and phone system deployment and support. IT cost reduction, disaster planning and recovery. Dynamic systems scaling and virtualization. Heavy Linux and open source experience. Passion for staying on top of the cutting edge and innovative uses of existing technology.

Professional Highlights

Your Best Rate Financial 2000 - 2009
Chief Technology Officer
Founding member and key player in growing from a small family owned company to INC magazines 77th fastest growing company in 2007. Responsible for many aspects of business with a focus on technology and marketing efforts. Leader and adviser across operational boundaries. Planner and forecaster of marketing and sales efforts. Creator of systems to facilitate and report on all company functions. Prospector of new technology and processes to further our reach into the lending market. Protector of personnel, digital and physical assets. Managed governmental interfacing and reporting for HUD requirements. Managed build out of new space for expansion. Managed moving of company to new facilities. Negotiated contracts in many areas of business.

Naviant 1998 - 2000
Data Center Operations Manager
Started as a simple system administrator and quickly became responsible for all aspects of running and maintaining the data center. Redesigned and implemented entire hardware platform to bring performance and up-time from a dismal level to more than anyone hoped for at half the budget allocated. Became a hero when an emergency data center move was required and pulled it off without disrupting any business units. Relocated entire data center to new facility, again without disrupting business. Realigned operations and procedures after acquisition by a larger company.

American Liberty Mortgage 1997 -1998
Director Of Information Systems
Quickly rebuilt entire network to alleviate dismal down-times costing thousands of dollars daily. Stabilized core applications taking them from nearly useless to outstanding performance and profitability. Took control of marketing data management and reduced costs from $1.2 million dollars monthly to less than $600,000 while increasing customer contacts. Managed existing telemarketing back-end and data sources. Created entirely new telemarketing systems from scratch enabling further cost reductions and performance enhancements. Managed build out of new space during expansion of business.

Internet MCI 1995 - 1997
Programmer Analyst II
Quickly became the "go to guy" in a fast paced support environment. Found solutions quickly and presented them in ways that non-technical people could understand. Continually improved knowledge as the Internet improved and evolved. Created tools and techniques enabling support staff to provide customer support faster and with better results.

Rail-Tec 1991 - 1995
Started as general labor swinging a sledge hammer on track building crew and was quickly promoted to lead, then supervisor. Learned and then taught others to operate all heavy equipment involved in the process of building and maintaining railroad systems. Became the computer support person and created systems that helped manage and improve the bidding process.

Programming Skills

Networking Skills

Systems Skills


Web / Mail / DNS / File Server Systems

CISCO / Novell / Microsoft / Linux / Asterisk Training

HTML / CSS / Javascript / SQL

Routers / Firewalls / Switches

Windows / Linux / Novell Servers

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Sep 1, 2010, 5:49 AM