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Amazon Cloudfront

Amazon CloudFront is a web service that delivers your content to customers around the world faster than almost any other way and cheaper than almost all other solutions.

In short, it is a world class CDN or Content Delivery Network.

  • It is a "pay as you go" service so you only pay for what you use
  • No contracts so you come and go as you please
  • Edge locations around the world gets your content to your customers fast
As cool as CloudFront is, it is not easy to use it at first.

  • Getting started is not as simple as it should be
  • Understanding the permissions system can be confusing
  • The web interface is slow and cumbersome
  • The caching must be considered at all times
  • Setting up content types is not intuitive
  • Setting up delivery methods can be confusing
Don't let that stop you if you need to serve files fast, a better way to serve static content would be hard to find and much more expensive.

I have created CloudFront projects as small as one file landing page sites and as large as full blown video serving platforms.

If you need help setting up or using Amazons web service products, I would be happy to help.