The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

posted Mar 1, 2011, 7:27 PM by Matt Lankford
I love coffee.


Until recently, I had only had a few great cups of coffee in my entire life. Starbucks? I don't think so. Then I went to Europe to visit my oldest little brother. The heavens parted and the worst cup I had there were better than the best here.


I went searching to duplicate it. Having had some of the best vendors out there, I already knew I did not like them. K-Cups, the little flat pack thingies... etc. Then I found the Senseo. This makes a great cup of coffee. Not the perfect but great.

I had been wanting to get a FRENCH PRESS for years. This past christmas, my wife gave me one and I can say, it is the best gift a man can get ( other than shoes for running across the US 3 times ).


I found the perfect coffee for me. Decaf ( so I can drink more of it ) Carmel Toffee from Millstone. While not the cheapest, it is not expensive either. Just let it steep for 5 full minutes and you are ready to go. Since it uses only about 1/3 as much coffee as a drip system, it works out to be LESS EXPENSIVE than cheap coffee.

Highly recommended.